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Ask me anything   Life is about discovery, about making mistakes and the people you meet. It's accepting who you are as you keep growing; it's shedding all regrets and never looking back.

    Jane of All Trades….

    My digital photography class was always filled with awkward silences and half hearted jokes. Despite his nonchalant and casual looks however, the professor took his class and the art of composition rather seriously. He never smiled, only spoke but somehow, he managed to get through my usual ADD-ness and I listened.

    One day, he paused and asked, ‘what is it that we want to do once college is done?’ ‘What are our interests?’

    As each student confidently stated their calling, in my head, I was scrambling to come up with my own.

    His eyes rested on me. “I don’t know. I like a little bit of everything. Art, design, web design.”

    He smiled. “That is good.” A Jack-of-all-Trades is an essential trait to have in a trying economy. But I didn’t think so. It’s hard to grip all of it and there will never be a guarantee of being a little above average.

    — 2 years ago